How To Suspend Departmental Budget Officers from Pushing Data

They are times when you reach a point were you are satisfied with certain figures or reports and you do not want Departmental Budget Officers to tanish that by pushing new data that will certainly change the figures or reports. 

To achieve that; you can do a temporary pushing lock by enabling: Suspend Budget Pushing feature.

Follow these steps to Enable Suspend Budget Pushing feature:

1. Open Global Maintainance Module

2. Open General Maintainance Folder  >> Budget Officer Controls >> Budget Officer Settings 

3. Check the Status on Status Lights on the Dashboard:
>>> Green means Enabled and Grey means Disabled

4. Switch ON the Suspend Budgeting Pushing Key (on your left) by simply clicking on it.

N.B: To Disable; just click on the switch and it must turn Grey

5. Click Lock or Unlock the Budget button

6. Go on Welcome Page and click PUSH DATA button and you done!

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