How to Add New Tariff(s) in PLANix System


1. Open Global Maintainance Module

2. Open Budget Preparation Folder  >> Tariff Schedule Maintanance >> Submit New Tariffs

3. Add your desired Lines. Use the Lines box on Top Left- insert your desired number of lines in the Lines box and click Add button close by.

4. Always work starting from left to right; thatis from Right Column to the last.

5. Read the title headers and follow color coding rules to apply the information accurately. (Check Color Codes in the System Introduction Folder)

NOTE: If the Detailed line is not existing in the drop down list, it means the line(s) has not been updated or added. Visit the View Detailed Inc & Exp Lines Matrix to Update Detailed Lines or Add New Detailed Lines Matrix if it's a completely new line(s).

6. Click Submit button (orange button top far right) after capturing a new item(s). Always click YES on the Message box that pops up.

7. Click PUSH DATA after you're done capturing your Tariff line(s)

8. Clear Tariff Data button will clear data in cells once clicked

N.B: To edit the captured data go to the Editing Matrix. To view full Tariff Schedule go Tariffs Schedule report.

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