How to perform Programme Activity Budgeting in PLANix

Scope Of Programme Activity Budgeting (Knowing the Basics)

Programme Activity Budgeting is done in the General Budgeting (GB) Module;

And it consists of 4 Key Modules namely:

  1. Programme Activity Maintanance
  2. Programme Activity Planning
  3. Programme Costs Budgeting
  4. Programme Activity Reports


General principles to master:

  1. Always work from right to left and that’s the golden rule
  2. Take note of filters on the Top Menu for your desired selection
  3. Follow color coding rules and input your data appropriately (generally blue, white and green are input cells whereas grey is system generated)
  4. Each Folder consist of Submission Matrix (to capture new data) and Edit Matrix (to adjust the captured data). In some cases you might find the viewing matrix.
  5. Always click submit button after capturing your data
  6. If some cases make use of the scroll bars to have a clearer view of the matrix
  7. Lastly, Push Data after you are done with your entire work


Step to step guide on how to budget Programme Activities:


  1. Login into the General Budgeting (GB) Module
  2. Click Get Started button >> Fetch Latest Data button >> Push Data button respectively


  1. Navigate to Programme Activity Budgeting Folder from the model Browser (from the left). Open Budget Preparation Folder >> Programme Activity Budgeting Folder >>


a) Programme Activity Maintanance – where users capture and edit Programme Activity Names e.g. Economic Expo Forum.

b) Programme Activity Planning – this where you plot and edit your Programme Activity event including activity dates and region host name.

c) Programme Costs Budgeting – this is where users do activity costing that is capturing and editing data of unit costs, night of persons, number of nights and In-Kind contribution etc.


1) Default Programme Costs Assumptions are done in the in the Global module under Tariffs hence users have privilege to use default assumptions or change where applicable.

2) Copy Programme Cost Matrix works when several Programme Activity have similar costing hence instead of capturing one by one, just come to this matrix – using filters; select the Programme Activity you want to copy from and click Copy Data The data will be copied to the Submit Programme Costs matrix hence use filters to change Activity names and submit. Simple, right?


  1. After you are done with Data input, go and view your reports:

From the Model Browser (Left Side) >> Click Budget Reports Folder >> Reports Generator and make your desired settings >> click Activity Budgeting Report folder and view your desired reports.


Click the link below on how the Report Generator works:

How to generate Report(s) in PLANix

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