How to Map Chart Of Accounts Lines In PLANix

Mapping Old Accounting Codes to the New Charts Of Accounts Codes is much simplier in PLANix. Follow the steps below to map:


1. Open Global Maintainance Module

2. Open General Maintainance Folder  >> Chart of Accounts >> Main Chart of Accounts Lines Mapping

3. To map; just paste new codes in the New Chart of Accounts Code Column. Copy new codes from the Sugggested Chart of Accounts Mapping Matrix. Ensure the lines correspond well.

2. Update and red cells will disappear.

3.  Push data once done!

4. Human Capital Lines are mapped in the seperate matrix but in the same Folder.

N.B: Failure to map this section will disable all New Chart of Accounts Reports.

To resest Accounts Codes; tick Reset Mapping Box and click Update button. This will completely remove all codes captured.

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