How to generate Report(s) in PLANix


1. Open Report Switchboard by following these steps:  >> open Quantrix >> Navigate to the Budget Report Folder >> Report Generator >> Select & Generate Reports

2. Select the Report Type (top left side) you want to view e.g Section, Department, Fund or Commmittee report. This must be followed by selecting data to the corrosponding Filter Selector to your right e.g if you tick Report By Department it must then be followed by selecting a Department in the Department Filter Selector. 

3. To your right, define parameters of your desired reports by using the Filter Selectors e.g Budgeting Year, Budget Type (original or Supplementary) etc

4. To generate reports click PUSH DATA button first, then followed by GENERATE REPORTS button respectively. 

5. Now navigate and view your desired reports in the Report Folder.

6. Do the the same process to view reports by Sections, Fund or Committee.

NOTE: To view the entire organisational budget; select All Cost Centres or All Departments in the  Filter Selector (that depends on Report Type you ticked)

TIP: You can view Budget in multiple currencies by selecting your desired curerncy in the Currency Filter Selector. Exchanged rate must be well set in the Global Maintainance module to perform this.

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