How to enable Offline Mode in PLANix

PLANix requires machines to be connected to Network for it to perform Push and Fetch processes. However, they might be times where users might not be connected to Network but wanting to work with PLANix without any Authentication or Network Error messages. To achieve that, users must Enable Offline Mode by following steps below:

1. Open Global Maintainance Module

2. Open General Maintainance Folder  >> Budget Officer Controls >> Budget Officer Settings 

3. Check the Status on Status Lights on the Dashboard:
>>> Green means Enabled and Grey means Disabled

4. To Enable; Switch ON the Enable Offline Mode Key by simply clicking on it. The key must turn Green.

N.B: To Disable; just click on the switch and it must turn Grey. This means you can perform Fetch & Push processes once you are connected to the Network.

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