How to Edit Tariff Income and External Funding Budget(s) in PLANix


1. Open General Budgeting Module

2. Open Budget Preparation Folder  >> Edit Matrix (of your choice)

3. To edit, use Data Filter Selectors on top to select your desired data parameters. Once you select these parameters, the system will populate the existing budgeted data.

4. The first Greyed Row(s) shows the Original Budgeted Data and it's followed by Editable Row(s) that you can effect changes. Make changes in your desired Cell(s).

NOTE: Concentrate on cell(s) you want to effect changes only. You don't have to change the entire row(s) unless if applicable.

5. Click Apply Button once you done editing

6. Remember to Push Data after you are done your entire editing.

N.B: Clear Data button will clear data in cells once clicked

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