How to Duplicate Budget(s) in PLANix

Duplicating your budget makes your budget capturing much more easier and faster since users won't need to recapture the aready existing data in the system but rather to just edit and update.

Duplication works for both the Current Year Budget as well as the Supplementary Budget provided thereis prior year data in the system. Users can duplicate their budgets in Global Maintainance Module, HR Module and General Budgeting Module.


1. Open Duplicate Budgets Matrix in the Budget Preparation Folder.

2. To Duplicate your budget; firstly decide on what data you want to duplicate e.g General Income, General Expenditure etc

3. Switch the Budget Duplication key ON and click the Duplicate button respectively. 

4. By doing this process, your budget will be duplicated into the Current Year Budget. Confirm that by checking the Report(s) or by using the editing matrix to effect changes.

N.B: You can only adjust all duplicated data in the Editing Matrices. For example, if you duplicated Tariffs - it means you can only effect changes in the Edit Tariffs and Adjust Tariffs Matrices.

5. Remember to Push Data once done.

TIP: In General Budgeting Module – you can duplicate the entire budget at once by switching ON the Duplicate All Budget Key function and clicking Duplicate Button (just next right close by) respectively.

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