How to delete Empty or Unwanted Line(s) or Row(s) in PLANix

Deleting empty line(s) or Row(s) in PLANix is very simple and easy.

A) Deleting in Submit Matrices (that is; when entering data for the first time)

1. From Canvas Number Column (on the left side) select unwanted line(s) by clicking the row, or dragging rows or pressing Shift + Down Arrow on your keyboard

2. And then press the delete key on your keyboard and you are done.

B) Deleting line(s) that already exist in the system (that is; lines already budgeted for)

In case you have obsolute budgeted line(s); here is how you get rid off them.

1. LOGIN the Module you intend to erase those line(s) 

2. Navigate to the exact EDITING Matrix you intend to erase that line(s). 
NOTE: All budgeted line(s) are removed in EDITING Matrices.

3. Scroll to the right side of the Matrix/ Canvas and you will see the Last Column titled Remove Lines. Select Remove  >> Click Apply button >> PUSH DATA >> And SAVE.

NOTE: These Removed Line(s) will become de-activated Lines and will be highlighted in YELLOW. They can be restored by selecting Restore Function and Applying.

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