How to Budget for Tariff Income, External Funding and General Expenditure in PLANix

The process of budgeting in PLANix is similar across all matrices whether users are budgeting for Tariff Income, External Funding and General Expenditure. What differs are terminology and application of data in some buttons and columns. Guidelines below will help users to master the concept of submitting budget data.


1. All Tariff Income, External Funding and General Expenditure Budgeting are done in the Budget Preparation Folder.

2. Rule Number One: Always work from left to right. That is starting from your Left; Button(s), Filter Selector(s) and/ Columns respectively.

N.B: Always take note of the Data Filter Selectors on Top Header and select approciate data.

* Clear Income Data button will clear data in cell(s) once clicked

3. Using the Color Coding Rules (Check Module Introduction Folder for color codes), capture/input the information in each column appropiately.

NOTE: In some cases users are only required to budget for the specific and desired lines e.g in Income Budgeting not all lines that populate in the matrix must be budgeted for; users must budget only lines that apply to them.

4. Appropriately input Units per each month (except where not applicable)

NOTE: Some Lines might have Fixed Amount Component (e.g Water charges can have a monthly fixed charge besides the usage charges). Therefore you can highlight that on the system by inputting your fixed amount, selecting YES and defining frequency respectively in the Three Fixed Amounts Columns provided.

5. Submit (orange button top far right) after capturing a new item(s). Always click YES on the Message box that pops up.

6. Make use of the scroll bar below (and by the side of) the canvas for more visibility of data.

NOTE: Remember to Push Data after you are done with your entire data capture.

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