How to add new General Maintanance Items in PLANix

To add a new item e.g. a New Cost Centre (or Section), department, fund, committee (or service), funding source, asset class, detailed lines, exchange rates, HR maintanance data etc, the process is almost the same throughout the system. 


1. Open your Global Budgeting & Maintanance Module, navigate to the "General Maintanance" folder.

2. Open the relevant canvas eg. Submit New Sections as shown below.

3. This Canvas consist of two matrices:
  • Left matrix - viewing data that is already existing in the system.
  • Right matrix - for capturing desired new items. 

4. Add desired line(s) by using the Lines box on the Top Left hand side of the canvas. Start by inserting the number of lines in the Lines box e.g. 5 and click Add button  close by. Five blank lines will be added to make them six because the system keeps one default line always.

5. Read the title headers and follow color coding rules to apply the information accurately.

6. Click the Submit/Update (orange button on the top right hand side of the matrix) after capturing your new item(s). Always click YES on the Message box that pops up after clicking the button.

7. Make use of the scroll bars below or on the right side of each canvas for more visibility of data.

8. To edit the captured data go to the editing canvas by following the link below.

NOTE:  a) Remember to Push Data before exiting the system or anytime after entering new data.

b) Delete extra unutilized line(s) before submission. To delete, select the row headers (numbered 1,2,3...) of the unwanted line(s) on the left side of the canvas and press the delete key on your keyboard.

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