Category : Software Solutions
Locations : Zimbabwe / Zambia / Botswana
First Release : 2015
Latest Version : 2020.1
Period Released : June 2019
Setup: : Distributed

Management Accounts system is a critical component of many organisations and institutions because it ensures their financial health and meets their unique accounting requirements. .

We have designed a Management Accounts software that provides a seamless transfer of data from an accounting system (e.g. Pastel or Promun) and can also be integrated with PLANIX (our budgeting software) so as to produce financial statements. The system allows key decision makers within an organization to easily access financial information to help them make decisions and maintain effective control over resources.

Benefits & Features of Planix for Businesess And/ Organisations


  • Controlled Access – Management Accounts model comes with controlled access whereby one has to have a username and password in order to access the model.

  • User Rights – Each user will be granted privileges which define what each user is able to do or not able to do in the system.

  • Simple, Accurate and Transparent – unlike the traditional spreadsheets, Management Accounts is a user friendly system yet very accurate and transparent in data reporting and analysis. No need for users to struggle with formulas and accuracy.

  • Minimal data capturing – the system requires minimal manual input from the users. Initial use of the software requires uses to enter key parameters that influence their Management Accounts. Once this is done initially, the users does not have recapture details every month/year and only captures should there be any changes or updates. The actual data will be transferred seamlessly from existing accounting software and all the user has to do is press an update button! This will allow for less errors and differences in the data, if any.


  • Customized system generated reports – Reports will be generated automatically and the reports can be customized to suit your requirements and users do not need to enter formulas or calculations it is all encompassed in the system.

  • Visual Report Analysis- Management Accounts provides a multi-dimensional view of your data, leading to insights that are simply not possible with traditional two-dimensional tools such as spreadsheets. Management Accounts model analyses budget data, thus giving new insights and support data-based decision-making in form of Dashboards and Interactive Graphs & Charts.


  • Qloud Access – allows users to connect and interact in the Management Accounts model from anywhere around the world using internet. Whether you need executives to view reports or analysts to analyze reports, Qloud can help you do that.


  • Supports Program Based Reports (PBB) – most Local Authorities around the world are adopting to the new and advanced way of financial reporting called PBB and this system incorporates.


  • Increases Efficiency of the Organisation/ Company – this system increases the efficiency of the organisation in performing its operations. It contributes in striving for better performance by evaluating and comparing financial data thereby  making  it easier to achieve various financial results.


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