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Course Level : 1

Advanced Excel Fundamentals Course (Level 1 – 2 Days) – 15 CPD Hours


Every business professional in one way or the other has seen the importance of manipulating data using Spreadsheets yet this very important business tool is greatly underutilized  (i.e. less than 10% of its capability is actually used). The main reason for the under utilization is a lack of proper skills in Spreadsheet Modelling, that enables one to tap into the features that Spreadsheets can offer to anyone who uses it properly, and according to best practice. Therefore it is a must for a every business professional, no matter your background, to seek to obtain spreadsheet modelling skills through formal training in order to streamline your work and serve your organisation and yourself valuable time. The time saved should be surely utilized towards more productive needs of our work other than number crunching.  Register now and begin a three stage process of acquiring cutting-edge


This two day hands-on, practical course is packed with the fundamental and essentials of spreadsheet modelling which every user of spread-sheet user must know. Delegates will learn how to move around the spreadsheet efficiently and effortlessly using essentials efficiency tools, as well as the ability to connect and work with different sheets within a workbook or across different workbooks. More importantly the course introduces the key and versatile data management tools for easy of organizing, analyzing and summarizing information, formatting and final presentation in highly professional manner.


It is a must for every serious Excel user who has never attended any formal training as the course introduces Financial Modelling in Excel Fundamentals and not basic excel . It doesn’t matter, whether one has used Excel for a long time through self-teaching or taught by others, this course gives you a professional approach to the foundation of spreadsheet modelling, according to best practice and therefore one is not advised to skip this course and start from levels 2 or 3.



  •  A computer (Laptop or desktop) installed with Microsoft excel 2010 or better and capable to read PDF documents.
  • The computer should have the capability to use USB port/drives as course material is in soft copy on USB Flash Disk.



Acquainting with the Excel Environment—Getting Started

  • Introducing the Excel Environment including customizing the environment to suit the users’ needs. Including Tabs, Groups, Contextual Tabs, Quick Access Toolbar, Excel Options & Add-ins.


Introducing Excel Functions , Copying Formulas and how to deal with Errors

  • Copying formulas down and across workbooks – Relative, Mixed & Absolute referencing.
  • Introducing Excel’s rich library of  functions including general function rules
  • Understanding ERRORS, CIRCULAR REFERENCES &  the use of the IFERROR FUNCTION


Excel Efficiency Tools

  • Exploring and utilizing Excel Short Cuts;
  • Auto Fill and Custom Lists;
  • Splitting & Arranging Workbooks and Freeze Panes;
  • Inserting, editing & deleting Comments inside cells;
  • use of the format painter,
  • and creating hyperlinks to jump from one sheet to another.


Utilizing Essential Data Management Tools

  • Data Outlining Tools to analyse and summarize Data
  • SUBTOTAL—Utilizing the SUBTOTAL  tool for automatic outlining of data, summarization & drill down
  • GROUPING & UNGROUPING – utilizing Grouping &  Ungrouping tools for data summarization & drill down
  • Excel Tables—Creating and  manipulating data using excel tables
  • Consolidation—Consolidating data using the “Summing Through Sheets” technique
  • Exporting data from other systems to Excel – Exploring the use of the Text to Columns feature —Splitting text and or data in a column to multiple columns in excel as well as the use of Text functions — utilizing LEFT, MID, RIGHT, TRIM, CLEAN, SUBSTITUTE & VALUE TO split text or data in a column to multiple columns in excel and also to convert values formatted as text to values.
  • Removing Duplicates—Using REMOVE DUPLICATES data management tool to eliminate duplicates from within a given data set.
  • Collaboration of Excel and other MS Office packages – Embedding and linking excel documents in word, PowerPoint, etc. for better reporting.


Formatting & Presentation

  • Themes Style and utilizing the various choices of formatting as well as how to use Themes and styles, including Merge & Center and Wrap text, removing grid lines, sheet tabs, headings and formula bar for final presentation.
  • Printing  Creating headers, Footers and Print titles for professional presentation of printed results


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