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Project Description

Childline is an incredible organization that truly believes in technology and how to use Excel to their maximum productivity. They do understand that many professionals struggle with formulas, how to construct them, how to avoid errors and how to write advanced formulas.

In the very beginning of the year 2016; they conducted an In-House Workshop with Celsoft to train their professionals in Advanced Excel Techniques. It was very critical for every professional to possess knowledge of how to create key Excel formulas for the purpose of data analysis and manipulation, budgeting and forecasting, reconciliations, and other key financial management functions.

The course gave them a solid understanding of a selected variety of relevant and key formulas that left them with cutting-edge of financial modelling skills.

After the training professionals testified that: most of the time spent working on spreadsheets is unnecessary as dynamic functions are already in-built in Excel for the efficiency and effectiveness of every Excel user.Excel Courses offered by Celsoft have greatly improved work productivity at ChildLine.


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