Advanced Excel: Fundamentals Course

///Advanced Excel: Fundamentals Course
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Project Description

This practical hands-on course is packed with the fundamental and essentials of Excel training which every user of excel must know. Delegates will learn how to move around excel efficiently and effortlessly using essentials efficiency tools, as well as the ability to connect and work with different sheets within a workbook or across different workbooks. More importantly the course introduces the key and versatile data management tools for easy of organising, analysing and summarising information, formatting and final presentation in highly professional manner.

Why Attend

Every business professional in one way or the other has seen the importance of manipulating data using Spreadsheets yet this very important business tool is greatly underutilised  (i.e. less than 10% of its capability is actually used). The main reason for the under utilisation is a lack of proper skills in Advanced Excel, that enables one to tap into the features that Excel can offer to anyone who uses it properly, and according to best practice. Therefore it is a must for a every business professional, no matter your background, to seek to obtain excel skills through formal training in order to streamline your work and serve your organisation and yourself valuable time. The time saved should be surely utilised towards more productive needs of our work other than number crunching.

Who should attend

Every serious Excel user who has not received any formal training is must as the course introduces Financial Modelling in Excel Fundamentals and not basic excel . It doesn’t matter, whether one has used Excel for a long time through self-teaching or taught by others, this course gives you a professional approach to the foundation of spreadsheet modelling, according to best practice and therefore one is not advised to

Duration of the course

2 Day Course

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