Advanced Excel: Formulas Course

///Advanced Excel: Formulas Course
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Project Description

It is very critical for every professional to possess knowledge of how to create key Excel formulas for the purpose of data analysis and manipulation, budgeting and forecasting, reconciliations, and other key financial management functions. Most of the time spent working in Excel is unnecessary as dynamic functions are already in-built in Excel for the efficiency and effectiveness of every Excel user. It is a MUST for every one whose job involves manipulating numbers in Excel to enrol this course.

Why attend?

Many professionals struggle with formulas, how to construct them, how to avoid errors and how to write advanced formulas. This course will give you a solid understanding of a selected variety of relevant and key formulas that will leave you with cutting-edge financial modelling skills.

Who should attend?

Accountants, Bankers, Risk Managers, Accounting Officers, Finance Directors & Managers, Analysts and many more.

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Duration of the course

3 Day Course

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