Advanced Excel: Data Management Course

///Advanced Excel: Data Management Course
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Project Description

Many professionals spend most of their time in the office working with data. It could be to extract data from their operational system to Excel, sorting, filtering, summarising, writing  formulas and so on to produce management reports. This is usually done on a routine basis, like daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly and this process is usually stressful and time consuming. According to the most extensive spreadsheet research carried out by Dr Raymond Panko of the University of Hawaai, about 99% of spreadsheets he audited contained errors. The fact is that most of the time spend working with data is unnecessary.

Why attend?

Most of the professionals have attended Basic Excel training in college or have self-taught themselves on the job and there is need for deeper insight. This course aims to give participants cutting-edge financial Modelling in Excel skills to help them to be effective, efficient and accurate in their data management & reporting according to International Best Practice Standards.

Who should attend?

Anyone who uses Excel.

Duration of the course

2 Day Course

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