Advanced Excel: Budgeting & Forecasting Course

///Advanced Excel: Budgeting & Forecasting Course
Advanced Excel: Budgeting & Forecasting Course 2017-07-18T01:08:49+00:00

Project Description

This highly-practical, intensive, hands-on programme is packed with cutting edge Excel design ideas to take your model structuring skills to the next level. By adopting best practice modelling standards you can develop better models, in less time and with greater accuracy.

Why attend?

This course will equip participants with the ability to design a robust budgeting and forecasting model and to perform what-if analysis based on model results. Your budgeting and project appraisal will be simplified to just button clicking.

Who should attend?

 Accountants, Financial Controllers, Managers, Auditors, Administrators & Directors
 Financial & Business Analysts, Private Equity and Venture Capitalists
 Project Managers, Lenders & Corporate Treasury Managers
 Risk Managers, Portfolio Managers, Economists & Corporate Finance Professionals
 Budget Analysts and Financial & Strategic Planners and General Managers
 Sales, Marketing & Human Resources Managers
 Middle & Lower level staff whose jobs involves preparation of budgets and forecasts.

Duration of the course

3 Days

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