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Quantrix Modeller provides easy-to-use and accessible business modelling and analytics, designed to address the needs of all levels of users. It helps you manage the increasingly multi-dimensional data found in businesses today.

Quantrix tools allow you to share your data and models securely, collaborate effectively, and provide real-time access to information needed for critical decision-making. It offers unmatched capability for forecasting, planning, budgeting, risk modelling, visual analytics and also allows you to develop ‘what if’ scenarios and model the financial and operational impact of business decisions.

You can integrate models with multiple data sources including existing databases, flat files, spreadsheets, matrices and all types of business applications via an easy-to-use Wizard – often without involving the IT department. The combined DataNAV and Quantrix Modeler solution also represents a practical and easily deployed alternative to the widespread yet highly problematic practice of pairing spreadsheets with business intelligence tools for corporate business analysis and planning.

Key features

  • Unmatched modeling agility
  • Interactive presentations and dashboards
  • Always-on pivoting
  • Natural language formulas
  • Blazing-fast calculation performance
  • Self-documenting models
  • Integration with existing data systems


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