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Celsoft is an innovative and technology-driven firm that offers complete tailor-made business solutions as well as equipping professionals with hands-on skills they need to execute their routine and complex tasks effectively and efficiently.

Our approach is two-fold:

  • We offer cutting-edge technical and applied training in Spreadsheet  Modelling Best Practise and to date thousands of professionals in many African countries have already benefited from our workshops;
  • We are the only developers of powerful financial models for financial planning, forecasting and reporting (budgeting, management accounts and external reporting) as well as data analysis models (portfolio management, investment appraisal, risk analysis and many more) using Quantirix Modeler software in Africa.

Our mission is simple:
“Improve efficiency & effectiveness in organizations by equipping them with financial modelling tools & and spreadsheet modelling best practice skills”

We are ready to equip every professional involved in financial management, financial analysis, decision-making or any role involving the manipulation or interpretation of numbers with cutting-edge skills and tools.